Terms and Conditions


By clicking the "Receive Email" button, you will receive an email containing your promotion code. As new clients, your friends can enter this promotion code in the online principal card application for a Cashback Cards card duo. You and the recommended person will each receive a credit of CHF 40 to the card account after the cards have been issued.

Requirements and restrictions

Any holder ("recommending cardholder") of a valid Cashback Cards card duo ("card product(s)") issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH ("Swisscard") may recommend new clients. Recommendations for card products not mentioned here are only permitted if Swisscard expressly provides for this in the relevant promotion. A new client is a natural person who is not the holder of the requested card product and has never been a holder before. The recommending cardholder may only recommend adults personally known to them who are resident in Switzerland. Bulk mailing or mailing to people who it must be assumed will not want to receive the email or this kind of card product is not permitted. The recommending cardholder may not publish or distribute the promotion code in places where the audience consists of people not personally known to the recommending cardholder (e.g., on the Internet or social media).

If Swisscard issues the card product requested by the new client, it will generally credit the card account within 8 weeks of issuing the cards. Swisscard does not issue any credits for rejected card applications, additional cards, secondary cards or cards that were applied for using a card application process other than the online card application process for the card product or without the personal promotion code being entered. The recommending cardholder can draw conclusions about the card product being issued or not issued from the presence or absence of credit.

This promotion code cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts. A new client will receive a maximum of one credit per card product issued. The recommending cardholder will receive credits for a maximum of 20 new clients per calendar year (E.g.: If the recommending cardholder successfully recommends 20 new Cashback Cards card duo clients, this corresponds to the maximum credit of CHF 800). The maximum limit of 20 new clients applies to recommendations from all Swisscard "Member gets Member" programs. The new client or recommending cardholder shall bear any applicable taxes, fees or charges. A "Member gets Member" program may be modified or terminated by Swisscard at any time without prior notice.

Fraudulent use

If the recommending cardholder or new client violates these eligibility requirements or uses a "Member gets Member" program fraudulently (e.g., self-recommendations, bulk mailings, fraud, etc.), they will not be eligible for a credit. Any credit already issued will be canceled or otherwise reclaimed. In this case, the person concerned may be excluded from all future Swisscard "Member gets Member" programs.

Legal notice

For further information, in particular regarding electronic communication and data transmission security, please refer to our Legal Conditions and Information and Privacy Statement.