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Every Moment Matters.

From your first coffee in the morning to a cozy evening of binge-watching your favorite series. Whether you're shopping for the latest fashion must-haves or doing your weekly grocery run: With the free Cashback Cards, you get more out of your card payments.


Your Everyday, Your Benefits with the Cashback Cards

Why settle for less when every purchase can offer you more? Use your Cashback Cards to subscribe to fitness apps, to have fresh food delivered directly to your doorstep or to get the best seats at must-see concerts and sports events. Your Cashback account fills up with every card use.1

And Much More...

Enjoy the Power Card

Take control of your finances your way. With the installment option, you maintain complete control over your spending. Best of all, with worldwide acceptance of the Cashback Cards, you can shop confidently wherever you are.7

Maximize Your Everyday!

Maximize your savings potential with every card payment. Our free Cashback Cards turn every purchase, big or small, into an opportunity to save more. Enjoy benefits that are as dynamic as your daily life.

Invite Friends, Benefit Together!

As a Cashback Cards holder, you already enjoy the advantage of getting money back with every card payment. Share this joy with your friends.3 Refer the Cashback Cards and earn CHF 40. It has never been easier to save and benefit together!

Everything You Need to Know

The Cashback Cards are issued exclusively by Swisscard. Swisscard is a leading Swiss credit card company which is owned by Credit Suisse and American Express®. Swisscard is the only company in Switzerland to offer products from all the world’s leading credit card brands: American Express®, Mastercard® and Visa. Swisscard manages more than a million credit cards, and is the Swiss market leader in both the premium segment and for co-branding cards.

It’s easy: when you pay with your Cashback Cards. For example, when getting coffee, going swimming, shopping online or at the gas station. The following applies everywhere: The more often you pay with the credit card duo, the more money is credited to your account at the end of a card year.3 All details are available here.

Apply for your Cashback Cards now and enter the promotion code "CB50y9Ge" in the "Promotion code" entry field during the application process. As a new customer, we will credit CHF 100 to your Cashback credit card account when you make your first payment with Apple Pay. This promotion lasts until October 31, 2024. The eligibility requirements for this promotion are available here. Find out more about the attractive Cashback program!

We would like to offer you, our customer, the best possible product that you are happy to use for a long time. We therefore decided to issue the Cashback Cards without an annual fee. The fact that the Cashback Cards perform very well in a competitive comparison was confirmed in a large-scale card comparison by moneyland.ch* (2024): The Cashback Cards were 3 x test winners.

* moneyland.ch is an independent Swiss online comparison service for banks, insurers and telecom companies.

With the Cashback Cards, you are always well prepared for everything you want and every eventuality within your personal credit limit. The installment facility5 allows you to further increase your personal financial flexibility by deciding how much of your credit card statement you want to pay and when.6

As a Cashback user you benefit from the fact that you receive the Cashback Cards as a duo. You decide whether to combine your American Express Cashback Card with a Cashback World Mastercard® or a Cashback Visa. With these two cards, you benefit from very high worldwide coverage and always have a second card at hand should you have to block a Cashback Card – if you lose your card, for example.

Cashless payment by credit card is quick and secure, and cards are a popular means of payment with vendors. Countless shops, restaurants, hotels, car rental companies and gas stations therefore accept credit cards as a means of payment. You pay your cumulative credit card statement at the end of each statement period. This distinguishes Cashback credit cards from prepaid cards, which you have to put credit onto first.

Why Choose Swisscard

Award Winner 2024 at moneyland.ch: Cashback Cards - Free Credit Cards

For the credit card experts at moneyland.ch, we ranked 1st in these three categories in 2024:

- cards for occasional users

- frequent users

- shoppers

Customer satisfaction was also rated "Very good"!

1 Detailed rules for the use of Cashback can be found here.
2 The accumulated cashback is credited to your card account once a year, provided the account has not been canceled at this point. If the card relationship has been terminated during the current card year, you are no longer entitled to receive cashback. Cashback cannot be paid out in cash. 
3 Except for fees, interest, back-charges, cash withdrawals, payments for bank transfers and currency exchanges (also into monetary surrogates such as cryptocurrencies, Travelers Cheques, topping up cashless payment methods etc.) as well as payments to securities brokers, payments for services associated with the card (e.g. optional insurance) and any gaming or similar gambling transactions.
4 In the first 3 months after issuing the cards, the cashback is 5%, up to CHF 100 at the most, with the Cashback American Express® credit card. This only applies to new clients (principal cardholders) of a Cashback Cards card duo (not including existing customers of a Cashback Cards card duo and a Cashback World Mastercard® or Cashback Visa individual card). Only possible once per person.
5 The use of the installment facility is subject to interest and requires both a credit agreement as well as a positive outcome from the legally required credit assessment. The detailed conditions are provided in the application. The issuing of credit is not permitted, if it may lead to excessive debt.
6 A minimum of 2.5% of the outstanding amount, but at least CHF 50. 
7 Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (including information for persons insured under collective insurance) to obtain the exact provisions (including sums insured and exclusions of liability), which can be viewed at swisscard.ch or requested from Swisscard AECS GmbH. 
8 The general terms and conditions on the global acceptance of the Cashback Cards are available here.

Apply for free Cashback Cards & benefit

Apply for free Cashback Cards & benefit