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Pay as You Live: Simple, Everywhere and Digital

Live free and pay flexibly: digital, anytime, anyplace. Enjoy mobile payments anew with our Cashback Cards – whether it’s with your smartphone or smartwatch. With the Swisscard app, your cards are always under control. Get ready for a seamless payment experience to match your dynamic lifestyle.


Live Smart, Pay Smart

Apple Pay

Quick, secure and accepted worldwide. With Apple Pay and your Cashback Cards, every payment is a piece of cake.

Google Pay

Note for Android users: Google Pay turns your device into your digital wallet. Just save your card and pay contactless – yes, security can be that simple.

Samsung Pay

Your Samsung device becomes a wallet. Enjoy the freedom to pay with your smartphone wherever you are – simply and securely. And collect cashback with every purchase.


Pay with style: SwatchPAY! turns your watch into a digital wallet. Experience contactless payment the smart way – quick, reliable and always on your wrist.

Even More Cash for Your First Payment with Apple Pay

As a new client, we will credit CHF 100 to your Cashback Cards credit card account when you make your first payment with Apple Pay. This promotion is valid until October 31, 2024. You can find the eligibility requirements for this promotion here.

Your Digital Benefits



1 Detailed rules for the use of Cashback can be found here.
2 The accumulated cashback is credited to your card account once a year, provided the account has not been canceled at this point. If the card relationship has been terminated during the current card year, you are no longer entitled to receive cashback. Cashback cannot be paid out in cash. 
3 Except for fees, interest, back-charges, cash withdrawals, payments for bank transfers and currency exchanges (also into monetary surrogates such as cryptocurrencies, Travelers Cheques, topping up cashless payment methods etc.) as well as payments to securities brokers, payments for services associated with the card (e.g. optional insurance) and any gaming or similar gambling transactions.
4 In the first 3 months after issuing the cards, the cashback is 5%, up to CHF 100 at the most, with the Cashback American Express® credit card. This only applies to new clients (principal cardholders) of a Cashback Cards card duo (not including existing customers of a Cashback Cards card duo and a Cashback World Mastercard® or Cashback Visa individual card). Only possible once per person.
5 The use of the installment facility is subject to interest and requires both a credit agreement as well as a positive outcome from the legally required credit assessment. The detailed conditions are provided in the application. The issuing of credit is not permitted, if it may lead to excessive debt.
6 A minimum of 2.5% of the outstanding amount, but at least CHF 50. 
7 Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (including information for persons insured under collective insurance) to obtain the exact provisions (including sums insured and exclusions of liability), which can be viewed at swisscard.ch or requested from Swisscard AECS GmbH. 
8 The general terms and conditions on the global acceptance of the Cashback Cards are available here.

Apply for free Cashback Cards and make mobile payments

Apply for free Cashback Cards and make mobile payments