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Invite Friends, Benefit Together!

As a Cashback Cards holder, you already enjoy the advantage of earning cashback with every card payment. Share this joy with your friends! Refer the Cashback Cards and earn CHF 40. It’s never been easier to save and benefit together!


And Here’s How It Works:

Request Your Personal Promo Code Now.

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You will find your 11-digit card account number on your monthly credit card statement.

Save Together, Celebrate Together

Imagine you and your best friends enjoying an exciting day in the city. Morning coffee? Cashback. Sneaker shopping? Even more cashback. Movie night with popcorn? Naturally, there's cashback for that too. With every payment using Cashback Cards, you all enjoy fantastic rewards.1 Saving together with friends has never been easier.

You don’t have any Cashback Cards yet? Get your cashback now!

Cashback Cards World Mastercard®

•    Cashback program
•    Free credit cards
•    Mobile payment
•    Card duo American Express & World Mastercard

Cashback Cards Visa®

•    5% Welcome Cashback
•    Free credit cards
•    Mobile payment
•    Card duo American Express & World Mastercard

Pay as You Live: Simple, Everywhere and Digital

Live free and pay flexibly: digital, anytime, anyplace. Enjoy mobile payments anew with our Cashback Cards – whether it’s with your smartphone or smartwatch. With the Swisscard app, your cards are always under control. Get ready for a seamless payment experience to match your dynamic lifestyle.

1 Except for fees, interest, back-charges, cash withdrawals, payments for bank transfers and currency exchanges (also into monetary surrogates such as cryptocurrencies, Travelers Cheques, topping up cashless payment methods etc.) as well as payments to securities brokers, payments for services associated with the card (e.g. optional insurance) and any gaming or similar gambling transactions.