I get paid for my payments. do you?

Earn money on your credit cards – the free Cashback cards reward you with up to 1% cashback for each credit card payment, and lots of other benefits.

Up to 1% unlimited cashback.
5% welcome cashback.

Every payment³ made using your Cashback cards is rewarded with a reimbursement credited directly to your card account once a year.²
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No annual fee for the first year.
No annual fee for any other year.

American Express®, World Mastercard® or Visa – the Cashback cards are yours for an annual fee of CHF 0.

Simple payments with your smartphone.
Simple payments with your smartwatch.

Register your Cashback cards on Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, and enjoy convenient payments with your smartphone or smartwatch. With the Cashback World Mastercard®, you can even pay with your SwatchPAY! smartwatch.
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this is how it works.

  1. Select Cashback cards and apply online.

  2. Get your Cashback cards in the mail in just a few days.

  3. Pay with Cashback cards.

  4. Look forward to cashback when you pay.

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