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Nine important reasons to own a credit card

The credit card is an effective means of payment that has revolutionized cashless payment transactions quite a bit. Small and handy, it is suitable for a vast variety of attractive uses due to its wide acceptance, great security and inclusive insurance benefits.

Worldwide card acceptance

Credit cards are widely accepted worldwide. You can use them in Switzerland, abroad and online to pay for your shopping, book your next flight or reserve a hotel room simply, conveniently and securely without cash. Credit cards are usually the first choice, particularly abroad.

Secure payments

Credit card payments offer great security thanks to innovative encryption technology. For example, payments in online stores are protected with 3-D Secure and you additionally confirm a payment in an app or by SMS. If your card is used fraudulently, you get your money back thanks to the chargeback process.

Profit when you pay

Many credit cards have loyalty programs, so as a customer you benefit every time you pay. These programs involve collecting either points or flight miles, which can be directly exchanged for attractive rewards, or you get cash back thanks to the integrated cashback function. Thanks to these programs, it pays to use credit cards as regularly and often as possible to get maximum benefit.

Mobile payments

Thanks to mobile payments (such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or SwatchPAY!), you can leave your wallet at home. Pay easily and conveniently by smartphone or smartwatch.

Highly convenient in online stores

In many online shops you can only pay by credit card. Nowadays, only a few small stores in Switzerland deliver on account. It is also important to know that if you pay by credit card, your transaction is protected in the best possible way thanks to solutions such as 3-D Secure. It is also really worth storing your credit card with your favorite stores or payment service providers (for example, PayPal), so you can pay extremely quickly and conveniently.

Continuous control of your spending

Digital services such as apps for expenses management and notifications, as well as digital credit cards on your smartphone or smartwatch, allow you to control your credit card and spending on the go.

More financial freedom

When using credit cards, you also have the choice of paying your cumulative credit card statement in full at the end of your billing cycle or opting for the installment facility. So you decide when and how much of the current monthly statement is paid.

Attractive insurance benefits

Credit cards are usually supplemented by insurance. The condition in each case is that you have paid by credit card in order to benefit from the respective insurance coverage. The range of different types of insurance covers purchase protection insurance and extended guarantees, travel protection, transport insurance and ticket insurance.

Top customer service

Credit card users enjoy high-quality customer service. For example, in the event of card loss, Swisscard AECS GmbH customers will receive a replacement card by mail or courier service within 48 hours in Switzerland and within a maximum of 7 working days abroad. In addition, credit card institutions such as Swisscard offer 24/7 service and guarantee the highest standards of security and convenience as well as the use of state-of-the-art technology for payments. 

Free Cashback credit cards

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1 Moneyland Study 01/2021