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Cashback Cards

Get CHF 40 credit to get you started

Someone has invited you to apply for a Cashback credit card duo. To get you started¹ , we will directly credit your credit card account with CHF 40. Your friend will also receive CHF 40 as a thank you.

By entering this promotion code, you will automatically also have the opportunity to participate in our current Apple Pay promotion and secure an additional CHF 100. You can find all the details about the Apple Pay promotion here.

Here's how it works:

Additional Advantages:

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Test winner 2021 on moneyland.ch

For the credit card experts at moneyland.ch, we ranked 1st in these three categories in 2021:

- cards for occasional users

- frequent users

- shoppers

Customer satisfaction was also rated "Very good"!

¹ The person making the recommendation and each recommended new Cashback Cards credit card duo client each receive CHF 40 credited to the card account, provided the personal promotion code is entered during the online application process for the Cashback Cards credit card duo (cards issued). Credits cannot be issued for any rejected card applications, additional cards, secondary cards or cards that were applied for using a card application process other than the online card application process for the Cashback Cards credit card duo and without the personal promotion code being entered. The points are credited within 8 weeks at the latest after the recommended Cashback Cards credit card duo is issued and requires card use. The credit will not be paid out in cash. Credit will be granted no more than once per recommended person. It is possible for the person making the recommendation to draw conclusions about the card product issued or not issued from the credit or the absence of credit.

Apply for free Cashback Cards & benefit

Apply for free Cashback Cards & benefit